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James Whybird

City 4051 CrossFit El'Capitan
James Whybird is another example of what Head Trainers should be in a CrossFit gym. With extensive knowledge and ability to communicate with his members, James makes training easy. With an absolute knowledge of CrossFit techniques, James is able to pass his skill onto his members in rare and unmistakable manner

Nanda Stoltz

City 4051 CrossFit Coach 2IC
Nanda joined us in 2013 after mixing elite level water polo and crossfit training together for a couple of years. Nanda is an understanding coach who loves to see people grow in their crossfit journey and given her experience she is able to get the best out of the 4051 members.

Kate Suna

City 4051 CrossFit Coach Admin
Kate was introduced to CrossFit in 2006, and has been happily involved in the CrossFit community ever since. Kate has prior experience as a competitive CrossFit athlete in Australia and abroad. She is genuinely interested in the people around her and offers caring advice, to our beginners through to elite athletes.

Jane Fogg

City 4051 CrossFit Coach
Jane Fogg draws from a competitive background of CrossFit and brings a wealth of knowledge to City 4051 CrossFit. Being head trainer for the Kids CrossFit program and Mothers CrossFit, Jane is an inspiration to all that trains under her. Jane has an addictive personality that will inspire and also make you smile while working hard.

Martin Scott

City 4051 CrossFit Coach
Martin Scott joined the City coaching team in 2014 and has since proven his ability to motivate members and share a vast wealth of knowledge towards training. Martin is well liked in the community and is always happy to help out any members to further their fitness goals